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No 1 in Homecinema

“Free to choose innovations!” Innovation is our strentgh and this enables us to offer more features with our Xoro products than other comparable devices in the market. This is proved by media with very good test results. No 1 in DVD player innovation, No 1 in DVD recorder innovation, and now leading in the innovative LCD area. Fast communication and a high flexibility guarantee success in fast changing markets.

Price-value is right

Fascinating and innovative Xoro technology primarily is affordable. Price-value preposition decides if a product is successful or fails. Only if the price-value is right, a product is being accepted by the markets. Results in many testings proof that we are on track with our strategy. Very affordable, but offering high quality.

To react fast and in advance

Static market laws have no meaning to us. It is our strategy to react fast and in advance to market trends.

“Free to choose innovations!” For us, this also means a free access to innovative and high quality Xoro products in a free and dynamic market. Everyone who has a choice, chooses Xoro. Free to choose innovations, free to choose Xoro!

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